Saturday, December 15, 2007

Third Saturday of Advent

Tomorrow we light that special pink candle that belongs to the 3rd Sunday of Advent. As the weather gets colder, we enter Veeka's natural habitat of the southwestern Siberian plain where she was born. Must say I am glad I am not making that trip again any time soon. I think she is half Japanese though: she loves hot, hot baths. She tries to get into the hot tub with me when I am at the exercise club and the lifeguard yells at us both.
She likes hair driers too, as you can see from the photo.
Veeka is gaining words fast now. She can say "one" and "two" and "Opa" (sorry, not Oma yet) and "yes" ("es" it sounds like) and even a "tank u!" Wow. Now if I can get her to say "please." Her aunt Susan taught her how to say "apple" in September so she's good at that one.
My religion blog on the Times' web site is doing well. I am making it edgy, which helps in retaining readers. Most religion blogs try so hard not to be offensive, they are boooooring.

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Catherine said...

My goodness, you've both been busy. I'm not at all surprised that your little beloved is beginning to speak in English. She's obviously very smart.

I'm looking forward to reading your faith blog. I've got your newspaper bookmarked in my new computer.