Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Finally getting some TV

I took today off to prepare for a 5-minute segment about the new book that will be showing on the Christian Broadcasting Network. Today we filmed it in front of Christ Church on Massachusetts Avenue, a church that was a beacon during the 1970s in the charismatic/pentecostal movement. Of course I was late, the traffic was nasty and Veeka screeched during the filming (her daycare had the day off) but the weather was out of this world and I took care to wear the most colorful outfit I had which is a must for TV. The church pastor came out just before the cameras started to roll, so afterwards I had a long talk with him about how dry the whole renewal movement is these days in the USA.
Am apparently coming down with a cold, so am not in the best spirits now but am happy that last week's rain has changed into this week's sun which hopefully will redden the few remaining green tomatoes on the vines in my back yard.
Had a lovely booksigning for my latest two books last weekend in Virginia and got 25 people which was much appreciated.
Will let y'all know when the CBN spot airs. I have a few more possibilities in the cooker so stay tuned. Fortunately, Veeka cheered up after the shooting for me to get this photo. The host, Paul Strand, is in the background in blue.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Booksignings, booksignings

Well, it is nice to be busy selling my book. Yesterday, I spent several hours at a local conference of newly minted Anglicans (formerly Virginia Episcopalians) trying to hawk my wares. Fortunately, one of the bishops at the gathering - Martyn Minns - decided to make the lessons from "Fire and Glory" part of his sermon, which brought several people to my book table afterwards. Thanks, bishop. I owe you one.
And this coming Wednesday I will be heading north to Grove City College, an evangelical Christian place about an hour north of Pittsburgh to deliver some lectures and...yes, hawk more books! Veeka is coming because the organizers - bless them - have agreed to babysit her all day Thursday. A photo of Veeka with her little friends at daycare is included here.
Work has been busy, busy, busy - feels like I never get to rest as there is always something breaking plus two weekly columns to churn out. This (Oct. 3-4) is the first weekend I've been home in almost a month. Last weekend, I was with friends in Bethany Beach, Delaware renting out a place there super-close to the ocean; the weather, unfortunately was a tad chilly. And the weekend before, we were in New York for a journalists confab and booksigning there. I don't get to Manhattan often, so it was much fun seeing the uppper West side near Columbia University, which was much nicer looking than when I last saw it in 1993.