Sunday, October 4, 2009

Booksignings, booksignings

Well, it is nice to be busy selling my book. Yesterday, I spent several hours at a local conference of newly minted Anglicans (formerly Virginia Episcopalians) trying to hawk my wares. Fortunately, one of the bishops at the gathering - Martyn Minns - decided to make the lessons from "Fire and Glory" part of his sermon, which brought several people to my book table afterwards. Thanks, bishop. I owe you one.
And this coming Wednesday I will be heading north to Grove City College, an evangelical Christian place about an hour north of Pittsburgh to deliver some lectures and...yes, hawk more books! Veeka is coming because the organizers - bless them - have agreed to babysit her all day Thursday. A photo of Veeka with her little friends at daycare is included here.
Work has been busy, busy, busy - feels like I never get to rest as there is always something breaking plus two weekly columns to churn out. This (Oct. 3-4) is the first weekend I've been home in almost a month. Last weekend, I was with friends in Bethany Beach, Delaware renting out a place there super-close to the ocean; the weather, unfortunately was a tad chilly. And the weekend before, we were in New York for a journalists confab and booksigning there. I don't get to Manhattan often, so it was much fun seeing the uppper West side near Columbia University, which was much nicer looking than when I last saw it in 1993.

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Beth said...

namaste child..this seems to be coming up on boo boo's account.. don't write there.. you and boo boo might never need to meet in this life or hopefully the next.. write if you want or i'm bossa screwanova or quin withey round and about these wires.. you wrote momma up nice and she's chuffed so i thank you..

for some time i have been pondering the connsequences of jameson and derrida and said, the ramifications of what they call 'postmoderism'.

i quote said: "who writes? for whom is the writing being done? in what circumstances?".. from these words, and prompted by hardy(that ghostly voice from beautiful beautiful wessex where tamsin omond my current crushy goddess lives) i returned to the book of jude.. and there i saw something that looks.. well, you look for yourself..
i offer alternative narative:
gary miles and jeff cothran were the powers at redeemer..the fags built that congregation.. it's always the fags who build the fairyland of worshipful joy.. graham and his leadership they were like fraternities at school elevated into stupid suits.. they liked to stroke their control buttons.. it maybe worked on their women and children.. but they weren't actually hooked up to anything spiritual.. don't be silly.. gary and jeff were the players and graham was like a teddy kennedy to the left, pretty much exactly a teddy kennedy.. a failed catholick blunderng about chappquidick..

graham hated me and i think it's cos he sorta guessed why i couldn't make it through his sermons.. and i couldn't and you can't say it's cos i couldn't follow the arguments cos i was following arguments better than graham could spin by then.. that man opened his mouth and i went to morpheus.. it was embarrasing..

let me twist yr tale:
the bishop sent graham to redeemmer with the prime directiive of saving the building.. that's what i hear..graham didn't fail, did he? the building stands..
but the building wasn't interested in graham.. the buildiing sent for betty..graham was the lucky incidental.. the building sent for betty for gary and for jeff and for mikel..

i would carry that cross for that building, leaing the choir for that building and when sermmontime came on the building sent me to sleep cos it didn't want me to hear.. that's the real story (cos in space city 'real' is a flip, ain't it?)