Friday, May 30, 2008

Oma & Opa return

At least they tell me they're back in the country, having just come into Dulles this evening. And then back to Seattle on Saturday. And today is my brother Rob's birthday! It's pretty warm here so Veeka and I might go scope out some water parks as our pool (that I pay a hefty monthly condo fee for) is having construction work done on the pool house for the next month. Talk about absolutely lousy timing.
The photo is of Veeka and Opa while Opa was working at the computer a few weeks ago. The new car is doing well. Unfortunately I have not gotten ONE nibble on my home so today my realtor and I made the sad decision to cut the price by quite a lot of $$$. The going rate seems to be dropping by $1,000 a day in these parts.
For those of you who take a peek at the Washington Times web site [] my series on the sanctuary movement ended today. It ran Tuesday-Friday and was it a relief to finally get *that* published. It got good play the first two days, then so-so play the last two, to my disappointment. It did start on the front page all four days but it was a pretty slow news week to boot, so it SHOULD have started on A1. Don't think I'll propose any more series for quite some time, as certain folks on the paper basically got tired of the story by the third day. Sigh.
I took Veeka out tonight for her first ice cream cone. Bright bubble-gum pink and pretty messy.

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Faith said...

Welcome home to Phyllis and Bobby, even if they didn't stop over in DC for a few days. I am sure they will be glad to get into their own home to recover from the jet lag. And "Hello, ice cream to Veeka." I know you have a 31 Flavors near you as we found it last year. My girls used to love the Pink Bubble Gum flavor. They would eat the cone, saving out every piece of bubble gum and placing it on a napkin, then chew it when they finished the cone.

We took Cassie and Charlie out for "tea" yesterday - her belated birthday present. After tea, we walked about 6 blocks to a toy store and they were troupers. Later in the afternoon we had Marcus for a while too. We had such a nice day but were we tired - mostly from getting them in and out of their car seats. Hate those nasty necessities!

Good luck with the condo sale. It is a tough market.