Friday, June 13, 2008

Then again, maybe not

I got The Call this morning from my agent saying my buyer had chickened out. When he was late by several days in returning the signed contract, I began to wonder. Now it's back to keeping this place squeaky clean again - now into my 13th week. I had been fairly happy with the offer; it was one I could live with although quite a cut from what I wanted and the condo deserves to get. But real estate is so bizarre and quirky these days that simply everyone is having a rough time. It is not uncommon for homes to be on the market 6 months around here.
Meanwhile, Veeka and I are living large. The photos of her dressed up in a princess costume and blowing bubbles with a 4-year-old friend, Ruth Elizabeth I think her name is. She was at a babysitters when they were taken. Veeka likes to be babysat because she has a lot more fun than she does with Boring Mommy. Tomorrow Mommy is going to drag her to some house showings but Sunday she gets to meet her 2nd cousins, once removed, who are visiting friends in Annapolis. Their mom, Allison, and I, are planning a fun time in the hotel pool.
Her mother is also working hard at the paper. I have been given a twice-weekly religion column, called "Stairway to Heaven." Here is my latest entry which is kind of inside baseball for local Catholics but it sure got good react. Sunday, I'll be doing a column on Washington's besetting sin. Now if you look for me on the Washington Times new jazzy web site, you may not find me! Even we employees do not understand our revved-up site with the news "cube" (you press an arrow to 'turn' it to different stories) on the front page. To find my blog and articles, click on culture in the header and you'll get some of my stuff, like this blog here.
Now I am writing 2 weekly columns, doing breaking news (1-2 articles a week) and running a blog. That is 4-6 separate pieces a week. My brother at the Oregonian does 3 weekly columns and a blog and gets paid a lot more!


Faith said...

So sorry the contract fell through. As soon as I saw the heading for your blog post, I thought "Oh,no!"

But I am very glad you and Veeka can get together with Allison and kids. I hope Jon can participate in part of the time you are together, as he is amazing with children. As Allison puts it, she's never sure who's having more fun...Jon or the children!


Rob said...

Julia... hi! I'm so sorry to hear about your condo sale falling through.

Sounds like Veeka is ever more of a handful but I'm also glad you're going to have some time with Jon and Allison and their kids.

I read your Stairway to Heaven column and glad to hear you've received a good reaction. I think that is probably the most depressing thing about our day... unbridled corruption everywhere you turn. The Good Book says the people groan under such circumstances... that we do!

Take care, Rob