Saturday, August 16, 2008

After the move

Well, I am sitting in a nice big house now filled with boxes and packing paper all over the floor. Maryland doesn't feel like home at all at this point and I am casting about looking for new dry cleaners, playgrounds for Veeka, restaurants, etc. Did discover a cool Ethiopian diner tonight that served a mean coffee. I needed it, as I'd been out on the Mall all day covering a huge prayer meeting of 50,000 people named TheCall DC. Fortunately the weather was not humid but it was still a ton of work tromping about the Mall interviewing folks as to what they were praying about and why they were there. I also got to talk with some of the leaders who were on the stage. Then I had to go write up the gathering in the press trailer, which had no video feed to the main stage. Fortunately, thanks to an Internet card loaned to me by a Call staffer, I could view everything that was going on 100 feet from me on stage through the God TV web site, which was filming the whole thing. It was reminiscent of the huge Promise Keepers gathering 11 years ago; people singing Christian praise music, prostrate on the ground in prayer, etc.
It's about midnight now and of course I've been sleep-deprived most of this week staying up for the Olympics - mainly the gymnastics. WHY they put the gymnastics at the ungodly hour of 11 p.m. is beyond me and totally infuriating as NBC broadcasts mindless gluck such as beach volleyball at the more civilized 9 pm hour.
I've not been able to photograph the new house as my camera is still packed away...somewhere. So, portrayed here is Oma, Opa and Veeka at one of the pretty spots we visited in Montana. I think they are gazing at a bald eagle. Or a plane.

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Faith said...

Congratulations on the move.

Please don't pick on NBC! Beach volleyball is one of my favorites. Your mindless gluck is another person's (mine) enjoyable past-time. We used to play a little volleyball. I like to watch the gymnastics too but don't relate to that so much. I do like to watch them fly through the air. They are unbelievable (esp. the ages of the Chinese gymnasts!. It is a great time to have a DVR or TIVO. We tape the whole thing and fast forward through the parts we don't like so much.

Love the picture of your folks and Veeka. Very inspirational looking... mountain-grandeur, the life-experienced with the young child. Very nice.