Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Veeka makes her radio debut

A friend who works with AP (Associated Press) radio invited me to be interviewed last night, so Veeka and I repaired to his studio and talked about "Quitting Church" while Veeka dashed around the sound booth trying to push buttons and pull out plugs. Out of all that ruckus, Steve Coleman, the reporter, turned in a very nice podcast that you can listen to here. Just scroll down to "A Closer Look."
The photo is of Miss Veeka at the console.
She was a good sport, really, considering how late I kept her out. I hate to drag her to places *after* dinner but there is no getting around it. Tonight we had to go food shopping and the little pumpkin fell asleep on the way home. I am so busy at work, it's not like I can dash to Safeway on my lunch hour. My main task seems to be reporting on how the U.S. Catholic bishops are sending out statements every other minute chastising House Speaker Nancy Pelosi or Sen. Biden for their thoughts on how St. Augustine or Thomas Aquinas might not have thought abortion was totally evil - or at least murder. Have they gotten slammed for wading into church doctrine. It's been a ton of fun following this war of politicians vs bishops.


Karla said...

Julia, I've just seen your blog. I have also adopted a child from the Rudny Baby House (in 2003) but have lost the e-mail address of Rima, the director. Do you happen to have it? My address is if you prefer not to post Rima's. Much appreciation if you can help.

Renata said...

Hi, Julia-

This is about some of your earlier publications (non-books): I just read both "No One Wants to Talk About It" and "God's Alternative Intimacy". I think the date of the 1st one is about 2000, but I suspect latter is actually earlier. They look like they are written by two completely different authors...what happened in between?