Monday, July 13, 2009

The finish line approacheth

Yes, I know it's been awhile since I've posted but I am in the final weeks of PUTTING OUT A BOOK. You can tell the signs: piles of unread newspapers around the house; unread mail, unpaid bills, mountains of kitty fur that need to be vacuumed up. For those of you who know me, this is the "Redeemer book" that will be launched this September at the Religion Newswriters Association convention in Minneapolis and plans are afoot now for a reception somewhere in the host hotel (the downtown Marriott). I'd wanted a pricey setting with wine flowing and hors d'oeuvres but my publisher didn't want to lay out too much money, so I am shopping about for alternatives.
If I had my way, the launch would be in Houston, where most of the action takes place, but circumstances have not worked out yet for me to get down there.
But I cannot say how glad I am that this 20-year project is almost over. I am now working on proofing copy, scanning photos, re-reading the dust jacket copy, negotiating with the photographer and digging up obscure facts. I spent last Wednesday in Baltimore doing a last-minute read through the manuscript which is about 300 pages.
As for Veeka, well, she is fine. There is one photo of what looks like a blur bouncing a ball. That is our little honey bunch learning how to bounce a ball. I got her a red ball so she is trying to learn how to dribble. Where is Uncle Steve when I need him to show her how?
Potty training is almost down pat. There are a few bad days but she has made incredible progress since her birthday when she decided to get serious about learning how. She doesn't need a kiddie diaper in the pool any more which is a great relief.
The other photo is of Veeka at the beach where I took her and the daughter of a friend who helped me take care of her. Am learning that on a weekend at the beach, I need someone along to help, as she has to be constantly watched. Despite there being two of us, she escaped us at one point and dashed two blocks down the beach just because she felt like running. Fortunately some people spotted my frantic looking about and told me they'd seen her. I sprinted down the sand and finally saw her - on the lifeguard stand happily enjoying herself. Grrrrr.


Rob said...

Ah Julia! I have never known terror as when our 4 year old Carley wandered away from a neighbor kiddo's get together where the Mom was supposed to be keeping an eye on them.

She wandered off into the woods and received a bite on the buttox (as Forest Gump would say) from a neighbor's dog. She somehow followed the sounds of our screaming and Susan was the first to find her in the two or three minutes that seemed like an eternity. Sounds like you were just as panic-stricken as we were and rightly so! Needless to say I'm so glad you got to her so quickly. Love, Rob

Chris said...

Becky, Hannah, Sarah & I so enjoyed seeing you when you were here in Dallas.
You remain in my daily prayers, as the release date of the Redeemer book approaches. May God's Spirit pour out upon you and upon the release of this book.

As people buy, and read and hear about the book -may the Truth set people free and may God's conviction move among those who need forgiveness and may God's grace empower those who have overwhelmed by hurt. And Lord, may this burden finally be lifted from Julia's shoulders.