Friday, July 16, 2010

Going to the mountains

Pictured here is Miss Veeka on a road trip we took a few weeks ago at the eastern entrance to I-68, which is the back way to Pittsburgh. On Saturday we're heading to the mountains of western Virginia for a few days. I've always wanted to spend more time in Highland and Bath counties which are just stunning in the beautiful mountain views and drives. Soooo, found a B&B that takes kids and costs less than $100 a night and so off we go.
People ask how the jobhunting is going. There are some flashes of hope but it being summer, everyone is away or just coming back or just leaving for somewhere. I spent much of this week picking up some freelancing, trying to figure out how to get unemployment benefits through the DC government's web site and wrestling with the COBRA folks re health benefits. The premium I am now having to pay is pretty stunning. Can't do that for too many months.
And so I am taking a few days off from all that.

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Joe hakun said...

Dear Julia Duin,
This is Joe Hakun again.

I see that you are looking for work.
I thought that was an excellent opportunity for me to get my story out when you were at the Washington Times, but they let you go and are taking away the Faith section of the paper.

Their loss!

The Lord knows the end from the beginning. He knew, and protected and preserved, what was given to me of the Lord.
I need to persevere, that is hard for me to do, especially since I am anxious and need a career change.

Please can you get back to me? Maybe before you start your next job.
This would be a big blessing for you.

Thank you,
Joe Hakun
Joe Hakun
2608 S. 73rd St.
Philadelphia, Pa. 19153