Monday, April 11, 2011

Veeka is turning 6

The cupcakes are baked, the birthday crown is ready because Our Princessa is going to be 6 this Saturday. I was in Safeway today shopping for cupcakes for her classroom but was so disgusted to see the same old Dora-the-Explorer ones I got her last year that I bought some batter and icing and baked them myself. She now has pink cupcakes with white and green icing with white marshmallows atop these confections that spell out a V for you-know-who.
When I asked her the other day what she likes, she listed in this order: Ice cream, raisin bread, soup, marshmallows, crackers, cheese, Cheerios, oatmeal, butter, French fries, apples, juice, milk, tomatoes, red bell peppers, cucumbers and grape fruit.
So I will drop off everything later on today for her classmates to eat while I head downtown to be on NPR very briefly to tout my latest WaPo story about how classical education got started in a local Catholic school. Read all about it here. It came out this past Sunday, the 10th. The folks at St. Jerome's were happy to say the least. And so that is story #3 for the Sunday mag and I've already started work on story #4. And this will be my first appearance on NPR. Maybe not my last. (Later note: the NPR link is here. Then click on 'Old Traditions Not Outdated in Modern Education').
Monday evening, Veeka and I went to the hairdresser to get some badly-needed trims because we are flying to Seattle on Wednesday. Yes, I needed a break, so a few weeks ago decided to spend my last frequent flier miles on Delta and wing it home to Oma and Opa. However, after only a day there, we're heading down to Portland for a few days to see friends and more family and to relax at a Christian family camp over Palm Sunday weekend. Am hoping the weather is not Portland drab as it has been in the lovely 80s here. And so Veeka - seen here posing by my weeping cherry tree out back - will get another party at the retreat center on Saturday and yet another party back in Seattle when we drive back up there. Yes, one must celebrate turning 6.
In case you have wondered, yes, I have already started reading her the Pooh books although they are better read silently than outloud; most kids these days can't sit through the interior conversations the characters have so I have to skip portions of the narrative to keep Veeka interested.
While in Portland, I will have one public appearance speaking about my book. An old friend, John Schwiebert, is having me at his church/private home on a Sunday evening. Specifically:

Sunday, April 17 at:

Metanoia Peace CommunityMetanoia Peace Community

2116 Northeast 18th Avenue
Portland, OR 97212-4609
(503) 281-3697. Time: 6:45 p.m.

It's open to the public so y'all come.

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Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Happy Birthday, Veeka. And have a great time on the West Coast. Larry mentioned the article this morning and read some of it to me out loud. Classical education. What a novel idea. Hahahahahaha. You mean there is something to teach besides drug ed, sex ed, green earth ed, etc. etc.?