Monday, May 9, 2011

A pleasant Mother's Day

Believe it or not, I was at a gathering yesterday with several friends and I was the only mother in the whole bunch! Two of the women there had been trying to get pregnant or adopt for some time; the other folks there were singles who'd like to marry and *then* have a child. Yours truly did this backward. Miss Veeka keeps on telling me she wants a daddy so who knows what I'll end up pulling off someday.
It's almost a year since I left the Washington Times and there have been benefits to it all. I have enjoyed doing things like sitting in the back yard today and dreamily eating my lunch while the birds flitted about and the sunny weather was in the 70s. This working-out-of-one's-home thing is very addictive. Veeka and I visited the Amish market last Saturday and bought our customary pile of cheap plants (the prices are the best anywhere) and flowers plus odd jellies. I really like some of the flavors like elderberry and zucchini/orange that the Plain Folk come up with.
Jobwise...sigh. So many false alarms. For instance, I've had officials at two major web sites call me up about working for them but the moment I asked them what they were thinking of in terms of pay, they got unhappy that I'd bring up the question. Like, I'm not supposed to eat? The low-balling out there is unreal. I continue to sell articles and my newest travel piece will be out this coming weekend in the Washington Post. Am about to shoot another piece off to the Economist tomorrow morning. Just this afternoon I got a phone call saying I made the first cut for yet another job possibility. The audacity of hope, as one famous person puts it.
The photo is of Veeka standing in a Holland America tulip field that we discovered in Woodland, Wash. a few weeks ago. It was just that time of year when the blossoms were out and I was so hoping for one of those vision-like fields with rows of beautiful colors. And voila, not far off the interstate, we found one.


David said...


My name is David. I am an part-time Episcopal priest serving in the Diocese of Northern California. I just finished reading two of your books, and am about done with another. I would very much like to correspond with you, if it is all possible. I am particularly interested in your thoughts and opinions about the place of charismatic renewal at the present time. Your book on Redeemer was challenging and insightful. It raised many questions in my mind.
I do not know how to contact you. I do not see an email address or any other contact information on your blog or website. If you can make the time, and have the interest, my email is

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Love the picture, Julia! You and Veeka will have to come visit when the pool is open. Unfortunately, that will not be until nearly the end of June b/c when we took off the cover, it was clear the liner was shot. So now we need to wait for our turn during the busy-busy pool season and they can't fit us in until June 20. Darn! Swim season will be half over. Hope to be up and running when our Texas lasses arrive. Veeka will have to come and play with them. It will be girly heaven!