Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sleepless in Seattle

The jet lag has been really tough to beat this time around, plus Our Little Pumpkin has been rising bright and early cerca 5:30 a.m. This morning she slept in til 7, so slowly we are adjusting although she was waking me up the first two nights or so.
She has, of course, charmed everyone, beginning with Oma and Opa, of whom I've included a photo of Veeka watching open-mouthed as Opa demonstrates his shaving abilities with Oma reflected in the mirror. Must say she doesn't get that at home. Plus the yummy food - we have eaten our way through 2 of Oma's pies and today we visited St. Mark's Cathedral where Miss Veeka charmed everyone in sight. Unfortunately the weather has not been cooperative; mid-60s at best so yours truly has been cold and has had to borrow Oma's clothes. But Veeka has been in her element, sniffing Opa's roses (2nd photo) and taking possession of Opa's stuffed kitty cat.
I've had an interesting time of it interviewing folks in Seattle and south King County on the sanctuary movement and tomorrow I fly to California for 3 days of non-stop interviews plus a few quick meetings with friends in the area. Am trusting that California will be a LOT warmer than here. The plane ride here, btw, was not too bad; Veeka napped part of the way between Baltimore and Minneapolis; but she was awake the entire time between Minneapolis and Seattle and she let me know how bored she was many times. While I am zipping around LA, she will be happily esconced with Oma and Opa who believe me, will be more than pooped after 3 days.

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Faith said...

We believe you, Julia. A day with Cassie, Charlie, Marcus, and Lucy does us in totally. Thinking of you sans Veeka and your folks WITH Veeka the next few days.