Sunday, September 2, 2007

Veeka gets a 529

Well, we finally decided on a college plan for Veeka and will be signing all the papers on Wednesday. Yes, it took awhile for me to decide where to put the money, but finally I just downloaded some advice from Morningstar and went with one of the Virginia state plans. So if any of you want to help send Veeka to Harvard, Yale or Duke, let me know! People have already donated some, so I'll be depositing $1,000 for starters.
We've been to the beach twice so far this summer and are heading back there soon before the weather turns cool. I had a quick business trip to Chicago and loved just lazing about at the hotel for a few hours and wandering about Millennium Park. My newspaper has assigned me to research a piece on illegal immigrants and the "new sanctuary" movement where churches are attempting to shelter these folks and keep them from being arrested. The Chicago trip was part of that; a photographer and I were trying to track down Elvira Arrellano, a woman who was well known for camping out at a Chicago church in the western part of town. We showed up at the church, which was in a Puerto Rican area, but she had already left - and gotten arrested in California and deported! We missed her by only a few days.

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