Friday, February 8, 2008

Our little ballerina

Miss Veeka has had 2 ballet lessons so far and so far she's liking all that running about. The cute little black outfit was given her by Mary Lyman Jackson a year ago and it was large then but just right now. So here we come, Kirov Ballet.
This week's fascinating activities included attending the National Prayer Breakfast Thursday morning - had to BE there by 7 a.m. latest which meant up at 5 to pick up a friend and schlep Veeka to the daycare. President Bush's speech was OK but he said nothing about this being his last NPB. Strange.
Then just as I was about to leave work that afternoon, had to whip together starting at 4:30 pm a front-page story about the archbishop of Canterbury saying maybe the UK should seriously considering implementing parts of sharia law. Weeelll that didn't go over real well across the pond. As someone said, the man is an academic and simply does not live in the real world. BBC's web site, which ran the original interview, got 191 comments in a few hours. As one person wrote, "Australia is starting to look better all the time."
Unfortunately because of that story, I was 90 minutes late picking up Veeka and the daycare folks looked like they wanted to knife me. Of course I hit horrendous traffic; and so am once again starting to seriously think of moving closer to work. The commute this past year has been simply horrible as I have to leave at the worst part of the day to go pick up our little ballerina.
Not much else is new - no progress on the potty training wars. Veeka is drinking out of cups these days but I no sooner give her, say, milk to drink than she pours it all over her dinner. Grrrrrr.

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