Saturday, February 23, 2008

Riding piggyback

Yes, you see us doing Veeka's latest passion: Riding piggyback on Mommy's back. She loves to be carried to and fro at all times, convenient or not. Veeka likes to remind me that cuz she is a bit behind kids her age in some ways, the Terrible Twos are going to continue indefinitely. Sigh.
One of the problems is that "no" is a word that just does not resonate with her. She simply does not listen. Like I TOLD her not to run down the sidewalk but she did and got the scrap on her nose that you now see. I TOLD her not to stand atop my bureau and no sooner had I done that, she tossed one of my favorite pieces of pottery to the ground. The glue is drying as we speak but she got sent to bed (it was late anyway) for that one.
I am doing some painting today and as soon as my back is turned, Veeka not only goes into my room, she goes to the worst place possible; over by the can of open paint. I can't even run into the other room ...?! She gets into *everything* I tell her not to. The moment she peeks into my room, if she spots my open purse, she makes a beeline and whips out 1. the cellphone and/or 2. the lipstick/chapstick. She does not go open a book. Noooooo. She goes for the purse, the briefcase, the phone, the computer...Usually I hang my purse over the top of the drawer but sometimes I need to get something out of it and if I have to sprint downstairs for a moment, You Know Who grabs her opportunity to turn the purse over and WHEEEEE, all the 40-50 business, credit and store cards come pouring out.
As you can see, she is in her little ballet suit there but such efforts hardly use up a hundredth of all her energy. Plus she is putting food away like a Sherman tank. She eats as much cereal as I do and the daycare folks tell me she never stops eating from the moment she arrives there. They don't have any of that nasty low-calorie stuff that her mommy has. Nope, Veeka can pig out - and does.

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Debra said...

Dear Ms. Duin,
I am a storyteller and I am trying to find a way to contact you to seek permission to tell a story from your book, Waiting for Love, which I understand has been retitled Kinghts, Maidens, and Dragons. The story is the Jester's Quest. Could you please let me know how to get in touch with you? Thank you, Debra ( P.S. Your daughter is precious!