Monday, March 3, 2008

Our bathing beauty

Yes, this is Miss Veeka discovering bubble bath. That lavender-scented stuff at Whole Foods does just the trick in relaxing her and getting her to SLEEP. Which is what I did not do today and am repenting at leisure. It is...10 p.m. and guess who is sitting on my lap nibbling wheat crackers and goat cheese? Hint: it is someone I ordered to bed two hours ago. They wear you down, don't they? She gets up and up and up...she can already climb over the baby gate to her room so I can't block her in that way.
So that's the Sleepless Veeka. Then there's the Lot's wife/pillar-of-salt Veeka - who one morning was found to be testing out that really cool salt shaker by emptying it all over the dining room table and floor five minutes before we were to go somewhere. Mommy turned into a screaming hyena as salt is just wonderful for wooden floors. People at work probably wonder why I am always such a crab. Well now you know.
Veeka just reached for another helping of Wheat Thins. It is 10:08 p.m. now. Sometimes she is a little dream, like yesterday when some friends and I went to brunch then went for a walk around a lake where Veeka found some nice playground equipment. She was delighted to miss her nap and be with us and she behaved beautifully in the restaurant. Tonight at Bed, Bath and Beyond, she was a model of decorum. But once we hit La Madeleine for dinner, she began running about the restaurant. Not good. We left quickly.
And today she was so naughty, the daycare folks practically threw her at me when I arrived to pick her up. As for potty training? Ha! Our Little Pooper loves to tell us after the fact.
Other things: Mommy went and saw the New York City Ballet last night - good as ever but very different style from the Kirov. I have seen 4 ballets in the past 2 months - a real luxury.
Then I arrived back home to an asleep child. But...what do you do with a child who considers the word "NO" merely advisory?

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Faith said...

Goodness, Veeka is looking so grown up! Very cute pictures, Julia. Also amusing stories that were NOT amusing to you as they occurred, I am sure. Veeka's sleeping (or refusal to go to sleep) sounds like our Beth at that age. We are cleaning out old 'stuff' and found a page dated 1976. In Ed's handwriting is a scrawled notation..."Go to sleep, Beth! Good night!" Beth would have been 5 or 6 years old, I am guessing. Many in our family remember the trials we had with her regarding bedtime. It went on for years! What is so not fair is that when Beth started to have similar difficulty with Marcus at 7 months, she found a book on the internet which she downloaded in the middle of the night and after using its recommendations for 2 or 3 nights, Marcus has ever since been a dream child to put to bed! Allison and Jon used the book with Charlie too, when he gave them some bedtime trouble. The kids are all in bed by 7:30 and the parents get adult sanity time then. Good luck. On top of child rearing, work, commuting, etc. you don't need the additional fatigue. I am glad you are able to go to the ballet. Veeka sounds like a potential gymnast. Agile and fearless!