Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sleeping beauty

I'm back to waking up at 6:30 a.m. or so when a little blue octopus toddles in from her bedroom and climbs in with me. Some times she will sit on me like some kind of recumbent horse and bob up and down as though she were riding this tired mare. A mother's work is never done, especially as I still have to pack for tomorrow's trip to New Mexico. YES, we are taking a week's vacation off to fly back to the Land of Enchantment which I have not seen for some 5 years now. I used to get back there every year and then that dropped off around 2002. How I miss the place. I'd go back in a minute; however the afternoon newspaper just went defunct a month ago so there's all sorts of laid-off journalists in the area.
So we will wander about my old haunts in Santa Fe, Taos and Farmington; maybe even buy a Navajo rug, now that the second half of my book advance just came in. Actually another car might be more helpful as I am now a 182,000 miles on my present one. Yes, Veeka is coming with me. I am staying with friends in 2 places but in Santa Fe, it took me a whole evening to find a B&B that would take someone under 3. Most wouldn't take small children at all. I wanted a B&B for several reasons; wanted more room for Veeka to run around; wanted breakfast in-house, etc. Anyway, finally found a B&B several miles north of Santa Fe.
Today was exhausting as I went to 2 press conferences about the upcoming papal visit and didn't even get home til 9 pm as I was writing a huge piece for tomorrow's front page. Thankfully, I had already arranged with a friend to pick Veeka up from daycare. Once I get back, I will be working on pope stuff full-time. Am already lining up who's going to take care of Veeka while I cover the pope in Washington and New York.
Anyway, here is a photo of the blue octopus once she moved into my bed, then fell back asleep after she thoroughly woke me up.

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