Monday, November 3, 2008

Our little Mother Teresa

When I took Veeka to an All Saints Day party, I had to figure out quick how to dress her. Idea: take an old shower curtain, sew some blue stripes on it and wrap it about her like a sari and voila, she's now Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, soon to be a saint. Our little one was SO cute all wrapped about in white and blue from head to toe and with a scarf about her head. Sitting through the church service was a tad difficult and when all the "saints" stood up in front of the church to be quizzed by the priest, Miss Veeka began to wail. She zoomed back to the pew and jumped into my lap.
The day before, she was Nemo the fish, walking gamely about the neighborhood on a clear, gorgeous evening, gathering a bag of candy. She thought that was pretty cool - just go to a house and people give you yummy things.
No big news here. I won't have any part in covering the election - thank God - other reporters get to stay up all night doing that. I am recording weekly webcasts on religion for the Washington Times, so click on their site, then look for "videos" and you'll see a "Duin on religion" headline. And moi underneath. I am still learning how to work the camera equipment.

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Faith said...

Veeka makes an absolutely adorable and quite authentic-looking Mother Theresa, Julia. I printed this post off and took it to show Mother yesterday. She thought it awfully cute and clever too. We were at the Landmark Center in downtown St. Paul with Allison and Jon and their kiddies for a St. Martin's Day Festival celebration hosted by the Twin Cities German Immersion School where Cassie attends. We paraded around Rice Park at dusk with lanterns. I learned some about St. Martin and also that Martin Luther was born on November 10th and baptized on November 11th, thus his given name, Martin. Maybe I knew some of this once from my years at DMLHS in New Ulm but if I did, I had forgotten.