Saturday, October 25, 2008

Veeka dresses as Nemo

Yes, this year Miss Veeka has become Nemo-the-fish. She has a lovely orange little fish suit. Am including some photos from a Halloween party I took her to tonight. One photo shows her with tail and all and another is her trying to show me her little tail.
The other photo is me at a booksigning. Am not sure why the flash attachment did not work well. I have been having the worst time getting my books on the "new non-fiction" display shelves at Borders - have been in 3 of the stores that are close to me and "Quitting Church" is nowhere to be found. And have I heard stupid excuses. Like the buyer at the Borders at 14th and F Streets (about 2 blocks from the White House) downtown said most people there weren't interested in religion but in politics. I pointed to Victoria Osteen's book sitting prominently behind him and asked, "What is THAT then?" So if any of you are inside a Borders, complain like crazy that this book is not on display, especially since it's done relatively well as books go.
I've met enough people who saw my book in a store and simply picked it up to know how helpful it is to simply have a book sitting there waiting to be bought. My booksigning last week was pretty low key. I unloaded 12 books, which is kind of minimal. The bookstore owner, to my shock, had only ordered five of my books, as though she thought that is all I would sell and she was not going to invest any more of her money in it than she had to. I was furious. Fortunately I had some author's copies in the car which we sold, but those are for a bunch of purposes and not to be a back-up when the bookstore owner doesn't feel like ordering the minimum number. It was weird because the owner ordered in some lovely refreshments but...only five books?
Work was busy, busy this past week. I covered an Episcopal property trial, a Catholic pharmacy opening where the pharmacist won't stock birth control or any kind of contraception, pornographic magazines or cigarettes. It's one of a few in the country like that. And then I did something on humanist Sunday schools and Catholics holding vigil outside of abortion clinics around the country.
My bed is calling....

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Steele Creek Church said...


My name is Phil and I live in Nirtg Carolina. This morning I saw that your book is going to he discussed on the White Horse Inn. I am very excited to hear this show and to learn more about your findings as I have been in the midst of the sideshow called, "Evangelicalism" for years. Much if it honestly makes me sick. There was a time not too long ago where we nearly left church. Thankfully, we found a church that still preaches the gospel and doesn't resort to tactics that I'm sure you are well aware of.

I know you don't know me and I hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog. I want you to be encouraged about your book. Dr. Horton (The White Horse Inn).has a large number of listeners. Maybe that will help move things along. By the way, your daughter us very cute. I know you are proud of her.