Friday, December 19, 2008

Appearing in Seattle

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted but I've been down with the galloping crud for the past 2 days. And before that, Veeka was under the weather. Fortunately I had enough sick leave at work to cover it all but it really strained my ability to get ahead at work. So my desk is still piled high with all sorts of stuff.
Let's see....I've been busy writing a Hanukkah piece on a local Jewish woman who heads up the edgy Sixth and I historic synagogue downtown (which is where Veeka and I spent last Friday night singing Hebrew songs), covering the end of a year-long Episcopal trial (the conservatives won all four court judgments which no one expected them to do), having an open house last Sunday to show off my new place and setting up an appearance in Seattle.
Yes, an appearance. Thanks to my mom-the-booker, I'm going to be on the Dave Ross show on KIRO radio 710 (AM I think) at 10 a.m. Monday the 29th. I thought to myself: Why not have a booksigning later on that day? Two secular bookstores told me I was asking too late in the game but an evangelical Christian store, Harvest Logos bookstore on N. 85th St. near Greenwood jumped at the chance. It helped that the owner was Michael Adeney, who I'd known for years (although I know his wife, Miriam, somewhat better) who was willing to order my books rush at the last minute. He also decided to make this a big party. So he's coaxed five other authors: Tom Sine, Gib Martin, Kimberlee Conway, Richard Dahlstrom and Jon Sween to also show up with their books. I've interviewed Tom Sine before (he's a futurist) but it's been years since we talked. The party is at 115 N. 85th St. and the store, I believe, is in a strip mall across the street from a Blockbuster's Video.
Thirty of my books will be on sale at a great discount so please show up if you live in the area. The time: 3-6 p.m.
Some house-sitting friends fly into town this Sunday just to make sure my kitties don't feel neglected while Veeka and I are gone. After a frantic day at work Monday tying up loose ends - poof! - we are off to Seattle. Hopefully the snow and gluck elsewhere in the country won't come anywhere near Washington DC before we leave.
Posted here is a photo of Veeka and me at a Kazakh embassy reception.

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Faith said...

Veeka is looking very grown-up in this picture. Sounds like a busy and productive visit to Seattle. I have been reading the book a chapter at a time. Enjoy the time with family. Hugs to all.