Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Me on C-SPAN

Yes, here is the link to my attempt at stardom this past Sunday morning. I was called late Friday afternoon about appearing on Washington Journal at 8 a.m. Sunday (!) to discuss Obama's Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships office - not a topic I am expert in but when C-SPAN calls, one goes. I told them because they were calling so late, I'd have to bring Veeka along as there are no babysitters at 7 a.m. on a Sunday.
Sooo, up we got at 6:15 and an hour later, we were headed downtown. I forgot to snap a photo of Veeka at C-SPAN's studios (the one here will substitute nicely) but she acted pretty well. She grabbed every piece of breakfast food in sight, chomping down on a banana, apple, some buns and of course drinking as much cranberry juice as she could get down - you'd think I starve the child. She screeched when I was out of the room and on TV but fortunately there was an aide there who was forewarned she was coming, so made sure to watch her. Even provided a coloring book, which Veeka ignored.
No other huge news. We are hoping to get away for Washington's b-day weekend. I really need a break from here. But when I picked Veeka up from the daycare today, she had a sore throat, so I am hoping that doesn't mean anything nasty is coming.

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