Saturday, April 24, 2010

Veeka and the bike

Of course one thing our now five-year-old got for her birthday was a bike with training wheels. So recent evenings after dinner have been spent helping her ride the thing. Never realized how hard it is to keep those little legs pumping so the pedals don't get stuck somewhere in the middle. I still have to push her uphill because she can't pedal up a slope yet. So, she resolutely does U-turns on the alley in back of our home.
Got a pleasant surprise last Friday when I received a first place award for religion coverage in 2009 for division A (dailies over 75,000) at the MDDC awards banquet today. Which stands for Maryland-Delaware-DC Press Association, btw. All this while we were getting the news that our publisher is stepping down. Which is a shame because I truly like him. All sorts of rumors are out there about the newspaper being sold; apparently the current owners want out of the newspaper business. Read all about it here.
Just keep those paychecks coming, is all I can say.

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