Monday, April 19, 2010

Veeka turns 5

Yes, it's been awhile since we've posted but yours truly has been on the road, first to Tulsa and then a quick overnight to Richmond. But first: Easter. The photo of us is great but...our princess, who used to take great photos, now closes her eyes each time, which has made pix a bit more of a challenge.
A few days later, I zipped off to Tulsa for 3 days of attending a large charismatic conference there of 5,000-7,000 people. I think most of them were ORU students who were as courteous as could be. I'd never been to Tulsa before and it was a pleasant city but as I say in this column, the futuristic Jetsons-style architecture on the ORU campus was beyond weird. But the people were fine and I enjoyed walking about and attending workshops. Unfortunately I only sold 5 of my "Fire and Glory" books so the event was a financial loss for me and much of it was subsidized! Still, had to pay obscene fees to get the books back and forth on the airplane. It was quite a switch to be in an atmosphere where charismatic stuff is considered natural and everyday- so opposite to the world in which I normally live in.
And then there was the trip to Richmond, which I wrote about here. Some friends and I had dinner on W. Cary Street, a part of Richmond I'd never seen before and really enjoyed - lots of cute glitzy restaurants in the city's west end.
All this is a walk-up to April 16, which is when Miss Veeka woke up to a small mountain of presents. First, we dressed her up with a little crown and took her into school, along with 18 cupcakes for teachers and little friends. Then Veeka was allowed to bring one of her little friends home with her, shown helping her unwrap gifts. And then Veeka got to see her gift from Mommy, which was a bicycle. The next post will describe what it's like to help teach her to ride the thing. Some neighbors came over for dinner - and brought more cupcakes.

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