Friday, June 4, 2010

Off to Pittsburgh

WELL - after an unexpectedly eventful week, we are off for two speaking engagements and one TV appearance 250 miles away in Pittsburgh. Veeka and I are going to stay with a family with seven children that includes a little girl Veeka's size and age. I, for obvious reasons, need a rest.
Post-Gazette scribe Ann Rodgers previewed my visit with this piece here.
On Thursday, I picked up the Post Style section to see myself - looking hot
and sweaty - and Veeka by the masthead plus the same photo - enlarged - next to an inside story. Veeka's daycare folks were excited to know she'd made the big time. Even more emails and phone calls poured in. Other articles of note ran here and here. Also learned Thursday there was one more layoff. Lots of rumors out there as to what's next for the newsroom.
As for us, out the door....


Wayne said...

Hi Julia:

I'm Wayne Anderson, a Times correspondent. I did the religion story on the "illegal acts" by ELCA officials. I just spoke with an editor there. He told me you got the ax. And I read about it today. I am so sorry to hear this.

This is incredible. How humiliating! You don't throw people out after 14 years, especially wearing crutches. Julia you are a great reporter. I've always enjoyed your work. I am very disappointed to read this news of you.

I say religion deeply matters in people's lives. And it's legitimate news. I hate to see the Times cut it out.

Please take care. I look forward to reading your good work elsewhere. (I have an exclusive coming out soon, regarding the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania.)

Take care, Julia.


Wayne Anderson

Aaron said...

I'm about half-way through Days of Fire and Glory. A lot of the commentary on it emphasizes its criticism of Pulkingham etc., but so far the book seems very sympathetic, though with criticism too.

Aaron said...

By the way, the best email for me is