Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oma & Opa arrive

This is a photo of Veeka playing in the snow we got last week. Fortunately most of it had melted away by the time Oma and Opa flew in yesterday on Alaska Airlines. In fact the weather here is very breezy but quite sunny; probably a relief to pilots everywhere.
Wish I could say there was more news on the job front but a decision on one of the positions I was counting on has been delayed until next month. The last weeks of December are useless in this regard; simply no one is in the office anywhere to take calls. Which is fine for now; it's nice to just hibernate away for now. Veeka is thrilled at having so many people around the house to talk with and last night Opa helped me install a new router, albeit with a bit of guidance from Verizon operators. Now if he can help me get my fireplace to work...
Here is one more Economist blog that I wrote on Nancy Pearcey's new book "Saving Leonardo" which has gotten very little notice in the evangelical press. Nancy's the closest heir to Francis Schaeffer there is right now. The sexism in the major evangelical publications continues to amaze and confound me, as this book would have gotten major billing had the author been a man.
The stack of Christmas gifts (90% for Veeka) continues to pile up in the hallway. I'm very indebted to Joey Marguerite, a friend from Seattle, who sent me a large box of things for Veeka, as she knew I'm basically not doing gifts this Christmas. Being 6 1/2 months out of work takes a toll.
For those of you anticipating Christmas cards, those will be a tad delayed as well but hopefully they will be out before Lent!


ps said...

Julia- The WP article was great, showed the real shallowness of the political left, made sense of what I saw at the rally. I see the lib blogosphere didn’t like it, more verification that you are doing something right. Also, the best-ever timeliness issue of the WP mag, the other article was on the perilous life of NFL kickers on the Sunday where the Redskins lost on a bothched PAT and two missed field goals, and the holder got fired next day.

Hang in there jobwise, count your blessings, it must occur to you frequently that you’re lucky to have V to go through this with. Unemployment can be a good parent-kid bonding time, she will remember and learn from how you have gotten through this crisis. Merry Christmas.

c said...

Hi Julia, I met you years ago at (don't know if you want me to mention the church you attend) so I'll just say -- at your church. We talked about the abundance of estrogen in church, and how some Christian men steer clear of intelligent women. Anyway, I saw that you got laid off from the Times and just wanted to say -- sorry. Yet, at the same time I think perhaps it was time for you to go on to something bigger. I know it's hard being laid off, but I have often felt the Times was not the best fit for your viewpoint. I am confident a greater opportunity awaits you. Is there a way I can email you, instead of writing publicly? Thanks, Cindy