Friday, December 31, 2010

Out with the old...

I can't say I'll miss 2010 for many reasons, some of which I can post in this blog and others I can't. But being unemployed seven months and counting has meant a dent in the finances and has put the kabosh on any traveling. Which is why it was so nice for Oma and Opa to fly *here* and experience their first East Coast Christmas in more than 30 years. A huge snow storm dumped snow all around us but it completely skipped us in the DC area which delighted us to no end, being that shoveling snow gets very old very fast.
So....for Christmas Eve, we repaired to St. Andrew's in College Park, which had a no-rehearsal kiddie pageant in which Veeka dressed as an angel. I remembered that I was exactly her age (5 1/2) when I too dressed as an angel at St. John's, an Episcopal church in Bethesda that we were attending back in 1961. How odd that nearly 50 years later about 20 miles away my own little girl would be dressed as an angel on Christmas Eve. As shown here, Veeka had to wait in a pew, her halo a tad askew, with some other little angels, before they trooped up to admire the baby Jesus.
On Christmas Day, Uncle Rob showed up (see family photo) for the morning as Veeka opened the lion's share of all the gifts. A kind friend of mine sent a large box of gifts for her as I was not in a position to spend much at all. So Veeka splurged on puzzles, videos and other goodies. I'd hoped to take the family for a walk but it was so cold that day, we didn't leave the house. We did get to the Washington cathedral the next day and then out to lunch with Rob and his new fiance. Yes, you read that right; he and Jan announced their engagement Christmas Day. This was the first time I'd met Jan; ditto for my parents. We're all hoping 2011 will be a much better year for us all.


ps said...

“…I too dressed as an angel at St. John's, an Episcopal church in Bethesda”. That must be St. John’s on Wisconsin Avenue, I go there. I think you would like it and the new Rector.

2011 will be a better year because what has happened in 2010 has made you stronger and led to something better.

jpcarson said...

Hi Julia,

please contact me about a possible gig and to catch up.

Joe Carson, PE
President, Affiliation of Christian Engineers
Knoxville, TN

Jess Man said...

Julia, sorry to post on your blog, but found this under a search. So sorry to hear about your job search! Just wanted to let you know I'm reading a copy of your "Quitting Church" book and it's tore open a scab over a wound I thought had healed OK.

As someone who left pastoral ministry to end up doing more parachurch work in the community (just outside LA), all this stuff you've written resonates with my own disenchantment. I was wondering if you know of anything or anyone in the LA area that's dealing with this in a constructive way. Or are we all experimenting on our own?

Blessings for the new year, and I pray you will find good work soon!

Jesse Chang