Sunday, February 18, 2007

The cats were not amused

Imagine this: After nearly 7 weeks away, I walk into the house Saturday night and get a rapturous welcome from my two fur balls. They are ecstatic to see me back. Finally morning back rubs and cuddles! I give them lots of kisses. Then,
"Dear ones," I say, "there's someone you need to meet."
All of a sudden, their little world was blasted away by the arrival of a toddler who would like nothing better than to pet them then pull their tails. Things are very unhappy in Kitty-land right now. Negotiations are in progress as to how they shall be petted and by whom. The first salvo was fired at 1 a.m. when Veeka awoke, with a wet bed and diaper. I was still drugged out on Nyquil and too tired to think. But as I was cleaning up, Serenity decided to add to the mess by vomiting up her kitty food. Then this morning, Felicty, leapt on the bed and tried to be friendly with Veeka while Serenity hid out in the closet.
I think we spent 21 hours in the air yesterday. The Almaty-Frankfurt leg wasn't bad at all, chiefly because of one great Lufthansa stewardess who went out of her way to amuse the Little One. Plus, within 10 minutes of take-off, the stewards had the little bassinets set up on the bulkheads. Veeka took to hers like a bug in a rug. The time actually passed quickly.
The Lufthansa folks, however, misplaced my stroller so they sent me down to the special services room to borrow one for the 7-hour layover. While there, I got to know that airport a little better. Special services was actually quite nice -a ground-floor room with all sorts of adult and kiddie snacks and toys and magazines. Not a bad place to hang out. Then I chanced upon the other locale where everyone goes - McDonalds! Yes, up on the 3rd level at the main concourse there is a play area for kids. The eating area looks out on where the sun rises so I set up shop there at about 6:30 a.m., talking with a family who had just adopted from India. They were flying back to the States too. As the sun rose, the shop filled up and Veeka (blessedly) dozed off while I read all my tourist folders from the Central Asia shop I'd visited in Almaty. The really IN place to tour about is...Kyrgyzstan. Yes, all sorts of people told me to go there next time I am in the area; it is very much like Switzerland although you stay in a yurt instead of a chalet. But it's like Europe in the 1950s - gorgeous and unspoiled. Tajikstan (just south of Kyrgyzstan)is also a must-see - cool mountains and scenery right out of a documentary.
The Frankfurt-DC leg was not as pleasant; the steward/esses on United were quite grouchy and Veeka was harder to get down to nap. I had to argue with them to get them to set up a bassinet although they did switch out some passengers so I could get a bulkhead seat. Then they fought with me about using a bassinet. Strange. Anyway, I was getting lunch trays and food tossed at me when it was obvious I needed 8 hands as Veeka was on my lap. Finally some of the passengers took my tray so I could handle the Wiggly One - a photo of her beaming from the bassinet is included.
Susan was there at Dulles to pick me up although she had to wait as I had to wait in Customs Hell for 45 minutes as I had extra immigration docs for Veeka that some officials had to look over. I meant to get to church this morning but Veeka seemed unwilling to deal with more than 1-2 people today, plus Sara dropped by to provide company and groceries. Then tomorrow Oma shows up. Then I can run off and get a massage and see a chiropracter while Oma babysits! Wheeeeee!


Amy said...

Oops... posted the below in the wrong place. It was supposed to go here!

Can't wait to meet the girlie! Glad you got home safe... traveling with toddlers can be a real headache .. props for giving it a go. See you and Veeka Saturday.

Catherine said...

Julia, I'm so glad you're back home safe and sound, and the journey wasn't too awful.

How generous of Felicity to attempt to get to know the human kitten just a little bit Sunday morning.

The photos of Veeka are adorable. She clearly is delighted and thrilled with the fact that she now has her very own _ not one, but two _ kitties.

I spent my time Sunday at church in the nursery, so I got my baby and toddler fix. There were six little ones, ranging in age from 6 weeks (precious) to 18 months (a little Sherman tank named Mason who was very busy. He called me Mom, apparently the only word he knew). At one point, we had five of them crying, and I was sitting in the rocker holding two, who were sucking madly on pacifiers, while trying to stroke the head of a third to comfort him. Fortunately, that was just before church was over.

I had one helper, a boy of about 12 or 13. The head of Sunday school dropped by periodically to assist.

I hated missing out on the service, but after the babies had all been collected by their families, I went into the sanctuary. People were still worshipping, so I joined them, and we kept worshipping for an hour and 15 minutes after the service had ended! It was POWERFUL.

Julia, you have embarked on an adventure that is going to completely change your life and your outlook and your future, as well as Veeka's. It's going to be wonderful, and you are going to be very happy. Both of you. I'm so excited for you. It's all going to get better from here, Julia. I believe it.

I'm still keeping you both in my prayers, and I'll call you when you have a chance to get a bit more settled and catch your breath.

cheryl wetzstein said...

Loved that "victory" picture of Olivia Veronica Duin, in her blue outfit, on your bed!! Peaceful cat included.

Welcome home!