Thursday, February 22, 2007

Veeka meets the relatives

For the last two nights, the Little One has NOT woken up at 3 a.m.! This is a major improvement from the first 2-3 nights. Oma flew in Monday which was VERY HELPFUL in terms of getting lots of free labor in helping me out. We have visited Sears, Toys R Us, Babies R Us and today we go to Ikea to buy a kiddie bureau. Oma has
1. laid plastic on the floor so that when Veeka feeds herself the food doesn't go all over the floor;
2. Helped childproof several rooms
3. Gone out in the mornings to get the WPost off the front lawn (I re-started up my subscription especially for her). Note: She has not asked to see the WTimes.
4. Is now (as I write) dressing Veeka in a blue sweater, purple onesie and red pants and new white sandals, courtesy of Opa and Oma from Babies R Us. Then she will put on a purple jacket from Carley (my oldest niece).
5. Helped let the kitties in and out. But when Serenity showed up at the window sill and mieowed, Oma couldn't figure out where she was. Serenity was miffed.
6. Sung lullabies to her newest grand-daughter that she learned from Birchie about eggs and boarding houses. Very weird.
7. Shopped at Safeway to get us goodies.
8. Is trying to teach Veeka how to count.
9. Suggested ways I could corral Veeka into enclosed spaces so I could get a moment's respite as I get dressed, etc.
10. Organized the pile of donated clothes Veeka has gotten.
Please see photo of Oma with Veeka on her tummy.
Then on Tuesday, we visited Aunt Dot and Uncle Ed at their new retirement home. Everyone there liked Veeka even if she didn't always like them. But she took a liking to her great-aunt and uncle. Aunt Dot is the one with the cane.
And then there was this morning when Veeka crawled into bed with me at 6 a.m. And I was up late paying all those bills I missed from not being around for 7 weeks.
Oma flies out Friday. Don't we wish she could stay longer?


Catherine said...

Oma and Veeka look to be having a grand old time. Getting dressed can be an adventure.

I'm so happy for you, Julia. Maybe Oma could stay another week?

cheryl wetzstein said...

I am wondering...
Does Veeka like her new clothes?
Does she have a favorite kind of toy yet?

The pictures are precious and I'm so glad Oma came -- her love and that extra pair of hands have got to have been wonderful!