Monday, May 14, 2007

Mommy's Day

Well, it was my first as a real mom. Must say it felt pretty nice. Thanks everyone for more cards and good wishes! I went to church, worked in the yard, went to dinner at a friend's place where Veeka had 3 kitties to terrorize. No, she is still not speaking although she is trying to say "kitty," I just know it. Whenever she sees a kitty in a story book, she gets all excited.
Today Veeka was feeling pokey with no appetite, cold extremities, a cough and a temperature. I thought it was allergies but by the afternoon, it had gone up to 101.5, so I called the doctor a second time who told me that high temps are no big deal with kids and not to get worried unless it reaches 103. So I am dosing her with Tylenol and motrin. Still, she didn't eat dinner and fell asleep in my arms so I *hope* she is better. There is nothing like trying to solve such things at work with the daycare provider on one line and the doctor's office on the other. Kiddie pediatrics is very new to me.

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