Monday, May 28, 2007

Whereby Veeka discovers the poo

This being Memorial Day weekend, we of course had to introduce the Little One to a new concept: the outdoor pool. Of course she loved splashing about but found that being attached to Mommy is quite a drag. Unfortunately, every time she wrestled free to strike out on her own, down she sank. How does one teach a child who doesn't even speak English to swim? Hmmmm. The first day, we were at my condo pool. The next day, we were at the Kreitzers' pool, at the home of friends in the Shenandoah Valley. There, they helped me try to explain to her the word "kick."
This may take awhile.
Otherwise, Veeka is doing well, although her mother continues to be under the weather with various bugs. As if she wasn't already sick enough, she picked up an ear/throat infection from the condo pool. Sigh.
Veeka continues the process of Terrible Two. Her latest: Sitting down on the ground any time she doesn't like something. Soooo, we no sooner had gotten out of the car in the condo parking lot this afternoon, then when she sat down on the asphalt and began to shriek. About what, I do not know. Saturday, we hit Tysons Corner mall so Mommy could find some decent sandals. Stupid Mommy. She didn't realize that eating early, then going shopping at 6 p.m. is a Bad Idea for little people. Veeka tolerated this arrangement for about 45 minutes, then started to howl whenever I entered a store. I was trying on some spiffy Italian shoes when she upchucked on the store couch. Mommy tossed the shoes at the clerk, then ran out the door with the Little Terror informing the entire mall as to how rotten a life she has.
Note to self: Little people are good for 4-hour increments max before they must eat or nap or both. Shopping must be kept to under an hour. Snacks must be served every 2 hours. Sippy cups must be kept at the ready. Veeka has already tired of Cheerios so now she's onto her newest munchie: Oyster crackers. Whatever it takes, right?


Faith said...

Who's learning more...Veeka or Mommy? The things you are both learning about are impressive. I suspect Veeka's comprehension of English is much more then can be discerned from her expression of it. And Mommy's learning curve too, has been steep and dramatic. The window of patience for a two year old is defined very the two year old. I am so glad you have a support system of friends around you. I don't know if you have time, but you would also receive much encouragement from an ECFE or MOPS group, if they are in your area. Thinking of you often and hoping your malady resolves soon.
Love, Faith

Catherine said...

I agree with Faith _ Veeka probably understands more than she can express, and that's probably one source of frustration for her.

I'm also glad you have a support system around you.

Veeka sounds like a perfectly healthy, normal, two-year-old, and you are doing a great job, Julia.

I'm keeping you both in my prayers.