Sunday, June 3, 2007

Rainy June day

It's Sunday; my heavens, what does one do with a toddler on a rainy day?? We perused the puzzles, tried out the new crayons bought yesterday at la Target, played hillybilly kiddie music, even played the soundtrack from "Carousel" and did some tumbling. Mommy ironed and made some tapioca - yum yum - of which Veeka downed 2 servings. Now she is FINALLY napping and Mommy is tired.
Yesterday, fortunately, it was sunny, which is why we're showing Veeka here dressed up in a very colorful rainbow play outfit sent her by Robbie in Los Angeles. And another friend, Amy, snapped the photo while she and Veeka were on an outing in the park. Lots of crumbs on the Little One's face.
Nothing new here to report; I am feeling better after my mysterious ailments of the past few weeks. I am now back to work on my book, after being very sick during the hottest, sunniest May since I moved here. This week might get kind of interesting; rumors abound of big budget cuts and layoffs at my workplace. So far, my newspaper has dodged that bullet, but apparently there's a reckoning in the offing.


Faith said...

So glad you are feeling better. Try a video for a break for yourself. Cassie loves vegie tales and the Cars movie. Thomas is also a big favorite.

Catherine said...

Veggie Tales are adorable. Len Hansen is the person who introduced me to them, and even he liked them!

I'm glad you're feeling better, too. Still keeping you both in my prayers.