Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Veeka finds the beach

Well, I felt I had to get away last weekend, so at the last minute, I found an inexpensive (and clean and pleasant) B&B in Rehoboth just one-half block from the beach. It was a perfect location and even though Veeka was a tad restless at night (had to crawl into bed with her to help her go to sleep at one point), it was a perfect weekend.
Miss Veeka adored the beach, toddling around to everyone else's blankets and making off with whatever shovels and buckets she could find. Fortunately all the other parents were super pleasant about letting her play with their kids, their toys and even feeding her snacks (she's a real moocher). Which is how she arrived back at my blanket snacking on pretzels or her faced covered with chocolate.
Now the water was not quite her style; at 68 degrees it was a bit cold plus those big waves knocking her down took some getting used to. Where she really shined was at a an open air pops concert at the band shell. She began swaying back and forth and dancing by herself or with a bemused 8-year-old boy standing nearby. Then she'd charge the stage until I'd come running after her. This girl is going to be a mosh pit regular in a few years. But the way she kept time and danced about was amazing; a number of people in the crowd were having the greatest time watching her.
I've been trying to interest her in Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov and Prokofiev (all former countrymen of hers) but instead she tends to gravitate toward music with a beat. Hopefully our little beach princess can get back to the sea and sand at least once more this summer.

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Faith said...

Oh, what happy memories Rehobeth Beach evokes. We visited Uncle Ed and Aunt Dot's house there many times. Once was when Allison was 6 years and Beth 3 years old. They had a ball. It's a special place to us. I am so glad you and Veeka enjoyed it too.