Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mother and child

Here's a photo of me taken a few weekends ago by my friend Julie Kay when we were spending the afternoon exploring the Cactoctin mountains near Camp David. That's a pretty place I'd never seen in my 11 years here. Veeka and I are seated in a restaurant in Frederick, a nearby town.
Only news is health stuff; my dad just got a new knee today and the operation went well but now the pain is kicking in. My mom has his room phone number if you want to call. As for me, after numerous tests, it's looking like I had some form of hepatitis last month. Never mind that I had 4 Hep A and B shots in 2006; it's what doctors think was wrong with me. We're still puzzling over many of the symptoms. Fortunately I'm feeling quite well right now although I'm guzzling antibiotics just to make sure whatever-it-was won't come back.


Catherine said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better, Julia. You look so pretty and so happy with your precious little Veeka. Love you, and still praying.


Faith said...

I am very thankful you are finally feeling better. Hepatitis - wow!

Rob said...

Julia... hi! Hard to believe you could come down with hepatitus after all the shots you had! I agree with Catherine... you and Veeka look great! Very glad you're finally feeling better. Love, Rob