Saturday, June 16, 2007

Veeka and the TV station

I keep on forgetting to take a camera on our outings so I am posting a photo I took several weeks ago when I was a guest on a local TV station. They called me during the one day I was home with a sick Veeka; fortunately she was feeling better when the call came in. I said I'd be glad to appear but...I had a 2-year-old with me and no way to get a babysitter at such short notice. (They called at about 2 p.m. for the 5 pm newscast.) At first they said they had other things to do other than babysit, but 10 minutes later, they called back to say they had a staff member who'd look after Veeka for a few minutes. So I dressed her (and me) up and we went down to News Channel 8. She was very good while I was on the air and she (of course) charmed everyone. Notice the cookie they gave her as a bribe.
There's not a ton of news to report here. Veeka is her usually mischievous self. We attended this lovely picnic today way west of Washington in the countryside where Veeka got to see lots of sheep and dogs and even a horse. At first, she shrieked when she saw the horse but after awhile, she wanted to ride him. Anyone, after a long and productive day, we were riding home when somehow and somewhere, she removed her diaper. Not noticing this, we stopped at Giant right near my home, I of course not noticing she was diaper-less. We had just passed the customer service counter when I noticed this puddle forming under our shopping cart....
And we have some good news for Oma. Today at the picnic, Veeka wandered into a farmhouse where all the food was being set out and discovered a piano. She could not keep herself away from it. She constantly hammered away at the keys. Oma is our family piano player (well, I took a year's worth of lessons many years ago) and folks at the picnic were noticing the Little One's musical acumen. I asked them: What do you expect? The kid sleeps with a harp in her bedroom.

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Faith said...

Great stories about Veeka, Julia. Thanks for posting.