Friday, May 4, 2007

Sniffle, sniffle

Postings have been a bit rare of late because yours truly has had the nastiest cold for going on two weeks now. Yesterday it turned into a bit of flu. Am not sure whether to blame the weather or the kids at Veeka's daycare. But I, who have always been healthy, have been on-and-off sick since I came home in February. Veeka, actually, has been quite healthy throughout all this. Funny, that.
Little news here other than I have spent the past week covering the Anglican/Episcopal Wars which have to do with a local Episcopal priest getting made an Anglican bishop by the Anglican Province of Nigeria all out of protest of the Episcopal Church consecrating the world's first gay bishop in 2003. Turns out that the head of the Episcopal Church got involved this week cuz the Anglican archbishop of Nigeria has flown in to install this priest as the head of a new Anglican denomination, based in Virginia. Confused yet? And then today, the archbishop of Canterbury got involved by asking the Nigerian archbishop (a bit tepidly I am assuming) to desist from tomorrow's ceremony. Course he was doing so to shut up the angry Episcopalians cuz if he had REALLY not wanted tomorrow's event to happen, he would have said something before all these Nigerians bought their overseas plane tickets to come here.
Anyway, if you want to read all about it, google my name and then Anglican and Episcopal and Minns (the last name of this new bishop) and you will find out lots of info. I get to be on BBC radio in the midst of it all describing the players to a London audience who are all wondering what all these Virginians have to do with a bunch of Nigerians. What that has all meant personally is because I am totally out of sick leave and vacation leave, I have dragged myself to work all week, barely getting through each day. But no one at work seems to mind my looking like Death Warmed Over, as long as I keep churning out those pieces!
The photo is of me and Veeka before The Cold set in.

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Catherine said...

I'm proud of you, Julia. For everything. The stories are great _ I've been running what we get from our news services on our religion page.

I'm sorry you don't feel well and have to work anyway. Been there, done that. It's no fun.

The cold is from exposure to the kids at day care, I'm sure. It's a very common experience for parents when they begin taking their little ones to day care. Usually the little ones bring it home _ in Veeka's case, I'd imagine that she has been exposed to and conquered just about all the illness because of living in the orphanage her whole life, so I'd be surprised if she came down with very much, although of course, she might.

Bless you both, Julia.