Saturday, January 19, 2008

Searching for Bopa

Opa and Veeka

Luckily for me, Veeka is a very fastidious child and she insists on cleaning up all the crumbs on her high chair tray. She will find a speck of something on the kitchen counter and insist I wipe it up then and there, so I am counting my blessings that she's not a slob. Every week something different comes up; she now doesn't want to fall asleep at night, so for the past 2 nights, I've gotten on my cell phone and called various friends long distance while rocking her to sleep. If she's wrapped just so in her favorite blanket with her head on my chest and my voice droning in the distance, she conks out.
Then at about 3 or 4 a.m., she wanders into my room. As my cats unhappily jump off my bed, she climbs in and goes to sleep again. Am not sure how long this stage will last but hey, she could probably use the mother-daughter bonding time.
She's doing well in speech therapy and when shown a photo of her grandparents, says "Bopa" instead of "Opa" although she is capable of pronouncing the "O" sound. She still hasn't come up with a word for "Oma." Part of the attraction of "Bopa" is that he's pictured in my bedroom holding a kitty, Veeka's favorite object in the whole world. "Kitty," not "mommy" was her first English word so we can see where her sympathies lie.
As for me, I am now running 3 blogs: this one, my religion blog at work and a new papal visit blog, also at work which is a temporary one for Benedict's April 15-20 visit here. My book manuscript has been sent back for me to correct the edits and the editor wanted it yesterday soooo, am spending as much time as I can get this weekend working on it. Oh, and I have a lengthy article on the new Prince Caspian movie due this coming Friday for a magazine. The movie's not out until May 16, but they work months in advance. It would be so lovely if I had MLK day off so I could work on these projects, but unfortunately that is not the case.
Also at my workplace, the editor and managing editor of my paper announced their resignations this week, so lots of changes (hopefully good ones) are afoot. And Veeka starts kiddie ballet lessons next Saturday so we'll get to see what kind of talent lies under her love of anything involving music.

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