Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Veeka's first Christmas

Well, we're back in Virginia after 9 really restful days in Seattle. Unfortunately, Veeka and I are still on Pacific time, so she had a tough time going to bed last night and tonight - cried herself to sleep tonight when I ordered her off to BED.
But as always she was a hit at family festivities. Her little 2-year-old self livened up Christmas Day as all 13 of us gathered to see each other and open gifts. Uncle Rob got to swing Veeka up near the ceiling. Cousin Carley (who works for a dentist) taught her how to brush her teeth. Cousin Michael saw her for the first time. Oma and Opa took her for walks and to a zoo and to church (while her mom slept in). And the sun even came out for a few days - a miracle. Plus, we had several clear winter nights with beautiful moon-lit skies and no rain. Am very glad we bought a direct flight - paid a fortune - but it was worth not getting stuck in Chicago like so many folks were. Can you imagine being marooned at O'Hare with a 2-year-old? The mind boggles.
Anyway, the photo is of Veeka and moi just before she went to bed Christmas night. And of Uncle Rob doing the Swing.
Just think: a year ago, I had just flown into Almaty.


Casey said...

Hard to believe that just a little over a year ago we were gathered in Georgia for Mother's 90th birthday and you were showing us all a picture of the little girl you were going to adopt.
Happy New Year.

Faith said...

What a lovely Christmas! Celebrate the birth of the Christ Child and have a new child in your family's midst.


Me. said...

hey .... just touching base. hit tacoma monday so really we couldve crossed paths here. Im sure you'll be back and when that happens, please email as Ill be happy to come see you and V.