Sunday, January 4, 2009

Potty training

Yes, that's the big activity here. Veeka even wore "big girl" pants for a few hours today until - oops - she didn't anticipate a little accident. But at least the desire to do the right thing is there, especially when it's reinforced by candy.
Am sending along a photo of what she looks like all bundled up in her little Victorian coat and purple scarf. Very little news here other than I have a local book signing for "Quitting Church" at the Tyson's Corner Barnes & Noble this Friday evening. Am hoping we will sell out the 20 copies the store ordered. Wish I could say I was a big enough name that they'd order tons more but we are not at that stage yet.
I really have little to do for the inauguration except cover the interfaith service the morning after. Am doing everything I can to NOT be sent to an inaugural ball. Went four years ago and it was the most boring thing imaginable.
With all the holidays basically over, we're now in our Winter Slump time til the end of March. Which is good as I have lots of writing projects to complete.

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Amy said...

It WAS boring, you're right. Nothing like being caged like so many cattle ... ugh. Stupid. This is why I am not a society writer. Boring.