Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Veeka becomes a TV hog

Sigh - I knew it had to happen but Veeka has now discovered a cartoon called "Noggin" (or maybe it's a channel - don't know) - anyway, she glues herself to this "pre-school channel" whenever she can. Must say it's nice to have something for her to do that allows me to relax over the paper after dinner instead of her threatening to scrawl red crayon on the walls if I am not paying her close enough attention. I think Noggin is pretty harmless but I've been aghast at some of the PG-13 stuff on teen channels only a few clicks away from Noggin.
We are fine - going through the yearly ritual of the social worker visit for Veeka's annual report to the Kazakh embassy on how splendidly she is doing two years into being my daughter. And yes, the court date was two years ago this week - Jan. 25. The photo you see attached to this is of Veeka dancing last month at a synagogue. Taken by the WTimes' Joseph Silverman, it shows Olivia Veronika as her perennially dancing self.
We woke up to snow falling out of the skies today but fortunately the daycare was operating. Mommy is working on yet another book in her spare time during this quiet time of the year when it's not all that desirable to be running about outside. Things are ho-hum: the cats went in for their annual check-ups; I am doing physical therapy for rotator cuff problems from lifting Veeka and I taped a show last week on CBN. Click here to see my video. Also appeared Sunday on Rabbi Lapin's show on KSFO-AM out of San Francisco. So, we're still pushing "Quitting Church." No word as to a second printing yet.

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