Friday, November 9, 2007

Autumn rain

That's what it's doing outside, dripping from the sky. I suppose folks from Atlanta wish they could have the same wet weather.
The photo shows Veeka and I dancing at a Greek festival in Seattle. We looked like that last night when I put on "Joyful Mysteries," a beautiful CD of piano music by Mary Lyman Jackson and Veeka and I danced to it.
As the year gets later and darker, the commute home becomes worse and worse. I used to be able to leave at 5 and be at the daycare just before 6. Now I am usually 10 minutes late at least. The traffic in recent weeks has been horrible. It's the worst part of my day.
I am in the last few days of getting a large book manuscript together. Wednesday is the deadline and I'm up late each night working on it, which makes me even more exhausted each morning. It's also a busy time work-wise; I will be in Baltimore the first part of this week covering the U.S. Catholic bishops' annual meeting (driving through 2 rush hours to get there and back is a real joy as well), then I head down to the Fairfax County courthouse to cover a huge trial with the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Virginia suing a group of 11 churches that have pulled out of the denomination. I'll have an article in Monday's paper that explains it all.
Anyway I've lined up 2 babysitters this weekend to help with Veeka's care. It will be a tiring weekend, followed by an exhausting week. The good part will be getting that second half of my book advance.

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Catherine said...

You sound incredibly busy, but also as though you're both doing well. Veeka is still absolutely adorable. Hope the book is done by now. I'll call you one of these days again very soon.