Thursday, November 1, 2007

Our little unicorn

Veeka really enjoyed her first Halloween. Just getting her to stop eating candy was quite a job. Here she has just polished off a red lollipop before she models her cute little unicorn outfit, purchased by the Vuotos in Canada. Her little arms are attached to wings on the back and she loved dashing about with her rainbow-colored horse's tail.
Her mommy is in the end stages of writing a book, the final chapters of which are due Nov. 15. So we are lining up babysitters both weekends so I can write! Two of the chapters are partly written; one has all the notes assembled and the last is ...hopeless! Well, not quite but it's the conclusion of the book which I have yet to think through. Of course this all has to be fit in around Veeka's schedule and my full-time job where I have also have a huge project I'd like to complete by Nov. 9.
Not to mention physical therapy for the frozen shoulder I got this summer that resulted from muscle strain in lifting Veeka. It never rains, but...
Happy All Saints and All Souls Days, y'all.

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Dave VZ said...

I feel your pain -- six months in home traction after an early problem with Nicholas. We'll try again to phone after your deadline!