Thursday, November 29, 2007

Caring for the octopus

Actually, Miss Veeka is an active quadriped with all four extremities going at once but in terms of managing all the activity, she is my little octopus. For instance, this morning, I was too groggy to snuggle with her in bed SO she jumped out, bounced down the steps, ran into the kitchen, pushed the little stepladder/chair to the counter, climbed up, got a bowl out of one cabinet, found the cereal box in the other, poured the cereal into the bowl and was chowing down when I found her.
The photo shows her at her desk job whenever she can get a seat at the computer. The kitty just takes it in.
Her vocabulary is improving. She likes to carry about a photo of Opa seated with a kitty he found in Jerusalem so I tell her to put "Opa" back on the shelf. She confuses this with "Baba," the Bulgarian word for "grandmother" that she uses at the daycare. She is now saying "OK" and has even come up with a two-syllable "thank you" when in the mood.
Yesterday she charmed the folks at Safeway into giving her not one but two free balloons. She just waves and blows kisses and everyone melts.

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