Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thank heaven for little girls

Isn't that the name of some Broadway song somewhere? Anyway, as I write this, the ever-busy Veeka is taking a nap, giving me a few minutes of respite. Which I don't get much these days, especially since I moved her into a bed. This may have been a very premature decision as she has now taken to getting out and showing up at my bed at all hours of the night. I know, put up a baby gate at the entrance to her room, right? Well, it's not so easy as that. When she sees such a detour, a wail goes up calculated to wake the dead, or at least me.
But I am thankful. Thankful that this year, I am not encircling the endless question of "should I adopt?" That decision was made and result is finally at home with me. Every Thanksgiving morning, I get out my special Thanksgiving book that I write in once a year to list all the things that have happened in the past year to give thanks for. There is always quite a list: people who've popped up to help at the last minute; a business trip that took me to Seattle, a finished manuscript, the works.
And next week I will be premiering a religion blog on the WTimes web site. I think I can offer more learned discourse and edgy observations than does Sally Quinn and her "On Faith" blog across town.
So today I offer thanks for little girls and furry kitties (including the one purring on my lap), the balmy warm weather and fabulously colorful leaves we have in the Washington area this year. Quelle plaisir!
And yes, that is a copy of the South Beach diet book Veeka is holding there.


Bobby said...

And we're happy to have such a lovely new granddaughter! Oma & Opa

beckwith said...

Write down your column site and new blog site., I check it every few days to keep up with your writings and the "little one, "
Phyllis Finster ( Lauras mom)

Dave VZ said...

Gigi, sung by Maurice Chavalier in the 1974 movie, written by the wonderful team of Lerner & Loewe. Hugs!