Saturday, February 13, 2010

And I got to ski, too

Today was quite pleasant in that while some saintly friends of mine took care of Veeka ALL DAY, I whisked off to Whitetail, one of the closer ski resorts, to get in my once-a-year opportunity to schuss down the slopes. Here on the east coast and post-Veeka, I don't get to do much skiing these days so it was fun to wrap myself up in several layers and head off to ski. And it was a nice day of it, other than the fact that there were about 100 people (not a joke) in front of me in the ticket line and the combined populations of Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania were on the same slopes as I was.
In fact, I finally took refuge on the black diamond slopes to get away from crowds, only to get marooned on a double-black diamond that had turned quite icy. And I ended up near the trees in a stupid attempt to circumvent the moguls. Nothing like having the ski patrol folks yelling, "M'am?? Are you ok?" Well, finally I eased my way back onto the icy patches and managed to get down. Ordinarily, moguls are my friends, as they often have nice snowy tops one can turn on. Anyway, someone at the info desk at Whitetail told me it was their biggest day ever, mainly because the weather was decent and the slopes had not been skied bare yet by the snowboarding mobs.
I managed to work out of my home much this week and found a few newsworthy things to report (this thanks to the Anglicans) but it's a challenge with Veeka around. Although she has gamely watched "Happy Feet" about 15 times now.
Am attaching a photo of Veeka playing "house" by the fireplace. Tomorrow Veeka and I and a friend go to see "Sleeping Beauty" at the Kennedy Center. Will Veeka act up? Will she fall asleep? Will the ushers kick us out? Stay tuned.

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