Sunday, February 7, 2010

At least we didn't lose our power

We are still digging out from thigh-high snow here and fortunately today (Sunday the 7th) is sunny. I spent my morning digging up a downed wire (fortunately telephone, not electric) in my backyard and am about to go trudging out for an afternoon of digging out my garage. You'd think Veeka, considering the northern latitudes in which she was born, would love the white stuff but she spent this morning sitting atop a drift wailing about how cold she was so I sent her back inside to do some drawing while Mommy dug a path to the garage.
The photo posted shows Veeka some weeks before at her ballet/tap class. Am not sure about the future of said class in that last week she sat in the corner and sulked the whole time. My being in the room doesn't help either. However, she continually watches the penguin movie "Happy Feet" and loves to dance to it with her tap shoes so who knows?
Compared to plenty of others in the metro area, we are quite fortunate in that we never lost our power for which I am thanking God.

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