Thursday, February 25, 2010

My funny Valentine

I am including pix of Veeka and I at a recent performance (by the Marinksi Ballet) of "The Sleeping Beauty" at the Kennedy Center. Considering that this marathon performance had THREE intermissions and went on seemingly forever, Miss Veeka lasted pretty well, I thought. OK, she was a bit pouty at the beginning as she did not like the sound of the drums but she cheered up later. I was helped by the presence of a friend, Diane, who helped take care of my little octopus as she dashed about Kennedy Center. Shown here is one photo of her actually behaving and another of me (dressed in my mom's dirndl) trying to pacify Unhappy Child.
I'd figured since Miss V did so well at "The Nutcracker," she'd hold up under the much longer "Sleeping Beauty" but it might be awhile before we visit another ballet. Fortunately there were lots of other kids at this performance but 4 is a tad young to sit through it all.
We are weathering this winter in fine fashion as the snow is finally almost gone and my porch has lost its icy sheeth. Am typing this from New York where I am on a business trip of a few days while Veeka stays with one of the families associated with her daycare. They have 2 boys about a year older than she so she adores spending time with them and doing fun things that she doesn't get to do with me. It is plummeting rain/snow here and shortly I have to brave this yucky mess. Then, back to DC.

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