Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow in February

Actually the newest dump of 5-6 inches came Saturday the 30th but it's still hanging around our yard quite a bit. Posed here by our mailbox is Miss Veeka in her dark purple coat get-up. She was not so happy yesterday when I tried to take her sledding. Mind you, I could have thought just of my needs and gone skiing in the bright sunshine that arrived yesterday but NO - I thought of my daughter and her needs before mine, right? And I figured that sledding would please her more than being dumped at the ski place's daycare all day.
Well...we walked to a small hill and went up and down twice and then she decided she didn't like the snow spray in her face so she did her rag doll thing and sat there in the snow and sulked. And I was thinking that I could have been skiing at Whitetail that day instead.
Other news: Am getting together churches where I'll be speaking at during my Houston trip next month plus am lining up some other speaking gigs that are finally coming in. At work, they've hired a new editor who is 15 years younger than I and who used to work for our editorial page and has no management experience that we know of so we're all just looking at the ceiling and saying, well, whatever. However, the man they hired before who did have management experience didn't do so hot either so who knows? Just as long as that paycheck keeps 'a coming in.

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