Monday, March 12, 2007

Admirers pay their respects

Miss Veeka continues to attract a steady stream of visitors to the Duin household, all of them bearing gifts, which she likes very much! Today's bounty included a *bright* pink poodle carted in by Laurie which Olivia Veronika clutched to her chest for most of the evening until she was ordered off to bed. She was very sleepy as today she tried out her new daycare for 4 hours and did quite well although she refused to take a nap. Hopefully that will change.
Yesterday, Kim (top photo) arrived with a spring coat (!) and kiddie running shoes which Veeka proceded to get covered with mud while enjoyng her first swing - ever. Whizzing through the air was very new to her and there were some sniffles of fright but generally she liked the experience. Today, Laurie and I introduced her to the slide, a lovely invention by which one can whiz into Mommy's arms at breakneck speed. The only mishap was a fall on the steps leading to the slide and a scrape on the chin leading to the First Bandaid.
Saturday, Miss Veeka bade a sad good-bye to Tessa (middle photo) who returned to college. Sunday, she made her debut at the Truro Church nursery where she charmed all the volunteers there. We posed (bottom photo) outside in the sun afterwards.
To accommodate all the whims of our princess, a new Olivia page is being constructed on this site with more photos, a map of Kazakhstan and of course a list of gift ideas for the charmer's second birthday on April 16.
To answer the obvious question: What does Veeka like, she'd first point out she's not interested in TV, videos or chocolate. At least not at this point.
Likes include anything of interesting colors and shapes that she can pop into her mouth. That's why tomatoes (bright red color), grapes (cool round green shape) and peas (also round and green) appeal at present. Yogurt, crackers of any variety, oatmeal (her standard breakfast fare), Polly-O cheese sticks and noodles. Adores noodles. She scored a big hit at the local "pho" Vietnamese restaurant where she gobbled down a mound of noodles that are long and thin and look great when you throw them on the floor. Of course every restaurant she goes to, she throws food on the floor. Tastes better that way.
Other loves: Music, music, music. And cats and dogs, both of which she chases after when possible. Note: If anyone wants to send her a kitty, best to send it to Opa first, because he hasn't had a kitty in many years. Better idea: Send him two kitties to keep each other company. Opa and Oma are getting new carpet soon so who cares if the old one gets messed up?
Veeka already has a Potato Head (brought by Amy) so one's enough there. She has enough board books to stock a small library but unfortunately she's not into sitting still while someone tries to read to her. Maybe in a few months? In fact, she doesn't sit still for anything, really, unless forced to by the car seat. And even then she plays with her pet dragon and a crucifix Mommy got in the mail from a Catholic charity. Got to spark that interest in spiritual things early!


Faith said...

Wonderful. You give a lovely description of what Veeka likes and doesn't, and in so doing, a snapshot of your life together so far. I enjoyed reading it. Unfortunately, only one of the pictures came through. It is the nice one of you and Veeka. Faith

Faith said...

This morning when I checked your blog, as I do with eager anticipation every day, I got the post "Back in Almaty" which I hadn't seen before! Also, the pictures that didn't come thru before with Veeka and her visitors on the "Admirers" post! Fun to see them all. Veeka appears to be winning over all of VA. I loved the pix of her on the plane parading in the aisle with the friend who entertained her. The trip home must all seem like a distant dream now. Faith

Catherine said...

Veeka is clearly so happy, Julia. You sound happy, too. I'm so glad.