Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring has sprung


I will try to post more blogs but I am bogged down in getting out 200 adoption announcements (am at the 'H's now) so things are moving slowly. My purple crocuses burst into bloom today, no doubt very happy that the coldness of the past few days has now lifted.
Life continues apace for the Little One who every day breaks new barriers. Here in the photographs, we see her clutching her pink poodle and modeling her new dance outfit, courtesy of Mary Lyman Jackson, who brought to us last week when I was feeling sick with some bug. Mary also went and bought a bunch of groceries for me (I really was under the weather) which was much appreciated. Veeka liked the chicken soup too. Last night she had some of my homemade tomato soup for the first time. Yum, YUM. She snarfed that up.
We're trying out daycare part time this week as yours truly tries to get the better half of her book done despite many interruptions. One pleasant thing are the gifts that keep on coming; the newest being a contraption sent by Laura Paul called "Little Touch Leap Pad." My goodness, how toys have improved over 50 years. None of this shooting marbles business. "Leap Pad" for those of you not in the know, is this amazing book that reads to you if you just touch the page. Like, if you touch the picture of the pig, the page oinks at you. Touch the singing cow trio and you get a melody. I cannot figure out how this is done, but it's amazing - and something that might amuse the little princess when I am cooking dinner and she wants my attention.
Her choice activity is climbing up and down stairs these days. Even when I take her to the playground, she gets bored with the slide and the swing but clambers up and down those steps. She wanted to do the monkey bars too. Once those little arms get stronger, she'll be clambering everywhere. Just tonight I was trying to iron and she was climbing UP the legs of the ironing board. My yelling at her did not convince her of the hazards of a 10-pound iron crashing down on her head, so finally I tossed her on the couch.

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cheryl wetzstein said...

Busy busy Veeka!! It is such fun for her to discover the power of her own legs and arms and feel the wind in her hair and the delicious smells and sights of the super-stimulating world you have brought her into.

Two-year-olds are relentless and it seems she is trying to grow super fast to make up for lost time.
Hang in there and enjoy it as much as you can ... each year is so different from the previous year when they are this age.
Talk to you soon! Cheryl
(beautiful announcement on the page by the way!)