Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Uncle Ed, RIP

I didn't want to write this entry but I knew it was coming: My uncle Ed died this morning. He had just turned 89, just as like his brother Jerry had when he died in 2000.
The last time I saw Uncle Ed was on March 13, his birthday, when I brought roses to his hospital room and Veeka ran around and made everyone laugh. Even then I suspected he'd not see his 90th birthday.
He was such a gentle person and judging from his last conversation last night with Nancy, his daughter, he was not interested in departing this earth any time soon! But to his surprise, I am sure, he was called home some time this morning.
I do regret he won't be able to use his Russian with Veeka nor read his beloved New Ulm papers or pet his sweet cat Abby nor talk with his wife or daughters again on this earth. What does make me happy is that today he sees his two sons Jackie and Michael - both of whom died in the month of March in 1948 and 1983, respectively - for the first time in decades.
I just learned of his passing a few minutes ago, so am still at a loss for words. Here's a photo of him with Veeka. At least they got to meet.


Faith said...

Oh, Julia! Your comment is such a beautiful tribute. Even as you say, we knew it was coming, I have been stricken all day at the loss of Ed from this world. He was so gentle and dear and generous and I will miss him. You've allowed my tears to flow with the joyful comments about meeting Michael and Jackie again, and also Mum. And your reminiscences about the New Ulm Journal and his bright mind and his Russian and German language skills made me smile even as I cry. We will see you soon. God bless us, everyone. Faith

Faith said...

I forgot. What a precious, happy picture of Ed holding Veeka. I love it. I'm so glad they met too. Faith

Bobby said...

Julia, Mom and I loved your tribute to Uncle Ed. It was beautiful and I wish he could have read it himself. Maybe he will! We'll see you very soon. Love from us both, Dad.

Rob said...

Julia... what a lovely tribute to Uncle Ed! I am very glad you got to know Ed and Dot so well over the last 10 years or so and thank you for posting the nice picture of Ed with the increasingly adorable Veeka! Much love... Rob.

casey ellis said...

Julia: What a lovely tribute and adorable picture. I was struck by how handsome the Duin brothers remain as they grow older. When I saw your dad in November I thought he was one of the best looking men at the party.

Catherine said...

I'm so sorry about the loss of your Uncle Ed, Julia. I wish I had known him, too.

I'm so glad he got to meet Veeka and she got to meet him.

Bless you, Julia.